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Recipe Submission

Do you have a great Moroccan or International recipe to share? We’d love to know about it!

We welcome recipe submissions that meet the following guidelines:

  • The list of ingredients is not copied verbatim from any print or online source, and that you fully credit the original source and/or the inspiration for the recipe, and describe modifications made by you.
  • The writing is all yours. That means introductory text and instructional text are written in your own words and not copied from another website, ebook, magazine, print book, or other online or printed work. 
  • The recipe and accompanying text as you submit is not already published online, be it your own blog or another website or publication.
  • You submit a high-quality horizontal photograph at least 1200 px wide owned by you that accurately represents the dish as you prepare it, and give us permission to publish the photograph on our website. You retain copyright.
  • You agree that by submitting your recipe, you give Taste of Maroc ( exclusive online rights to use the recipe as submitted on our site. That means if we select your recipe for publication, you agree not to publish the recipe with the same introductory text and instruction wording on your own blog or on another website. You retain full copyright to your own original recipe and can use it however you like in print or offline.

That’s it! Go ahead and submit using the form below.

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Recipe Essentials

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Describe your recipe with just a few sentences. Be sure to credit your original source if you have adapted or modified someone else's recipe. Please note at end of description if there will be chilling time, rising time, or other step not included in Prep Time.
One ingredient per line
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Recipe Details

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Use this space for your backstory. Tell us about your connection to the recipe and country or culture of the dish's origin and how you acquired or created this recipe. If not already mentioned in the recipe summary above, fully credit your recipe's inspiration and sources. Are you a food blogger? Please include the url of your site.