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Moroccan breads are incredibly important to Moroccan cuisine. Whether prepared on the stove, in a wood burning clay oven, or even on a bed of hot rocks, traditional Moroccan breads of all kinds are served morning, noon and night.

Not only is bread a staple in nearly every Moroccan home, but the classic Moroccan flatbread called khobz is considered essential to almost every meal. Traditionally bread is even used in place of utensils to scoop up meats, salads, dips, tagines, and more.

To make bread, a wide variety of grains and flours are used throughout the country. You’ll find breads made with wheat, barley, white flour, durum flour, corn, semolina, oat, bran and more.  While some recipes call for a specific type of flour — beghrir as example is traditionally made with semolina — you do have some flexibility to vary flours when making other breads.

The recipes below will all guide you in making delicious, authentic Moroccan breads at home.

Overhead view of spongy semolina pancakes called beghrir. The pancakes have a honeycombed appearance and are arranged in an overlapping circular pattern on the serving dish. A small bowl of butter and honey syrup is centered on the pile of pancakes.

Beghrir – Moroccan Semolina Pancakes

Beghrir or baghrir are spongy, melt-in-your-mouth Moroccan pancakes made from a crepe-like semolina batter. Light and tender, the pancakes are characterized by a unique honeycomb-like appearance. This is a result of...

Photo of batbout, Moroccan pita bread, in a basket on a table.

Batbout – Moroccan Pita Bread Recipe

Batbout is a flavorful, chewy Moroccan bread that cooks with a pocket just like pita bread. Rather than being baked in the oven like Middle Eastern pita, batbout is cooked on the stove in a pan or on a griddle, where it...