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Living Gluten-Free in Morocco – Challenges, Tips and Resources

Learn why it's extra challenging to follow a gluten-free diet in Morocco. Know where to find gluten-free products and how to avoid cross contamination.

Volubilis – Ancient Roman Ruins in Morocco Are Worth a Visit

Morocco has one of the richest histories and cultures of any country in the world, influenced by centuries of diverse rulers. Among those rulers were the Romans, who spread their empire into Africa. Evidence of Roman Africa is tucked away in the...

What to See and Do in Casablanca – Morocco’s Largest City

Located on the northwest Atlantic coast of Morocco, Casablanca—or Dar el Beida as it is known in Arabic—is Morocco’s largest city, boasting a population of more than three million people. Casablanca is home to North Africa’s largest port and is the...

Newcomer’s Guide to Morocco – Tips for Travelers to Morocco

So you’ve made the plan, booked the flight, and are headed to the Maghreb. You’re probably excited and maybe even scared. If you’ve never been to Morocco, you will be unsure what to expect. Going to a new country is undoubtedly an exhilarating...

What I Wish I Knew Before Moving to Morocco

The 20th century novelist James Michener said, “If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion, and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” These are important words for anyone planning to spend a significant amount of time...

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A small bowl full of juicy pomegranate seeds. A few seeds are scattered around the base of the bowl and a whole unopened pomegranate is in the background.

Moroccan Style Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate seeds are juicy, nutritious, and extra delicious with the Moroccan additions of orange flower water and cinnamon. Moroccans are most likely to serve this tasty treat as a dessert, but my kids are happy to...

Overhead photo of three different presentations of sellou, a Moroccan paste-like sweet made from ground almonds, ground sesame and flour.

Sellou Recipe – Sfouf or Zmita

Moroccan sellou, also called sfouf or less commonly zmita, is a rich, nutty confection of ground fried almonds, ground toasted unhulled sesame seeds, and browned flour. Flavored with cinnamon and anise and sweetened...

Ashura - Traditions & Recipes

Flames of a bonfire burn bright orange in the dark. Wood can be seen through the flames.

Ashura in Morocco: A Puzzling Celebration

Mabrouk laawasher (laawacher) is an expression one constantly hears in Morocco during the first ten days of the Islamic year. It means, “Happy ten days.” But the good wishes aren’t for the new year...

Salads and Sides

Tips & Techniques

Image showing several wedges of pomegranate; the bright red seeds are exposed but still trapped in membrane. Several whole pomegranates are in the background. A single whole walnut rests beside a small pile of pomegranate seeds.

How to Seed a Pomegranate

If your family likes to eat pomegranate seeds by the bowlful, as do many Moroccans, removing and cleaning the seeds can be a bit of a tedious task. Or, if you’ve never tried seeding a pomegranate before, you might...

Moroccan Breads to Try

Photo of batbout, Moroccan pita bread, in a basket on a table.

Batbout – Moroccan Pita Bread Recipe

Batbout is a flavorful, chewy Moroccan bread that cooks with a pocket just like pita bread. Rather than being baked in the oven like Middle Eastern pita, batbout is cooked on the stove in a pan or on a griddle, where it...

Overhead view of spongy semolina pancakes called beghrir. The pancakes have a honeycombed appearance and are arranged in an overlapping circular pattern on the serving dish. A small bowl of butter and honey syrup is centered on the pile of pancakes.

Beghrir – Moroccan Semolina Pancakes

Beghrir or baghrir are spongy, melt-in-your-mouth Moroccan pancakes made from a crepe-like semolina batter. Light and tender, the pancakes are characterized by a unique honeycomb-like appearance. This is a result of...

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