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Moroccan cuisine is extremely varied, both in terms of its wide array of dishes and the ingredients that go into them, and in terms of centuries of influences such as Berber, Arab, Middle Eastern, Sephardic, Andalusian, Sephardic, and more.

Even within Morocco, the term “Moroccan Food” might mean very different things to different people. For some, it includes only the most traditional recipes and cooking techniques. For others, Moroccan food is ever-evolving, and a modern Moroccan cook is likely to prepare a repertoire of dishes that includes classic Moroccan recipes, international recipes, and fusion fare that combines different elements from different cuisines.

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Moroccan Dried Fava Bean Dip or Soup – Bessara (Bissara)

This puree of dried split fava beans may be humble fare, but a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a generous dusting with cumin and cayenne quickly transform it into something special. Enjoy it for breakfast, dinner, or anytime in between with crusty bread and a glass of Moroccan mint tea.

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