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Walnuts, almonds and dates are mounded into a Moroccan serving dish.

Day of Ashura and Moroccan Traditions

In Morocco, there’s no mistaking when the Islamic lunar month of Muharram draws near. It’s the time of year, not long after Eid al Adha, when the startling, noisy blast of firecrackers can be heard throughout the day and into the night...

Small herd of sheep grazing on dry, flat field in Morocco. A man with a hat and long stick watches over them.

Understanding Islamic Sacrificial Slaughter

Udhiyah and qurbani are interchangeable Arabic terms for the sacrificial slaughter of a sheep, goat, cow or camel as mandated for Muslims during the Islamic holiday of Eid Al-Adha. A sacrificial slaughter is also carried out after the birth of a...

image of a Moroccan bucher shop. A customer is standing next to a glass-enclosed meat counter on the left and fresh whole meat is hanging to age on the right.

Religious Slaughter in Islam – Zabihah or Dhabihah

As part of Islamic dietary guidelines, Muslims adhere to a specific manner of humane religious slaughter called zabihah (or dhabihah) in order to obtain meat that is halal or permissible for them to eat. This method applies to both home slaughters...